Welcome to the Breckenridge Surgery Center!

Why Choose Us?

  • Licensed surgical center
  • Specially trained and highly skilled staff
  • Safety and quality controls
  • Convenient scheduling
  • Reduced cost to patients


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Our Location

Map to Breckenridge Building

We are located at the southeast corner of Breckenridge and Shiloh. Park at the north end of the parking lot closest to Shiloh Road.

If you are arriving for surgery prior to 7:30 am, enter under a small awning with #100 written over the glass doors (which also says Patient Discharge). Please press the doorbell on the left of these doors. We will escort you into the facility. If you have difficulty entering, please call 972-470-5859.

After 7:30 am, you can enter through our hallway door which faces Shiloh Road and then proceed to Suite 100.